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Sinnergiak wins an award at the 3rd International Conference on Organisations that learn and generate knowledge, EDO 2014


On the 14th, 15th and 16th of May 2014, the Sinnergiak Social Innovation Centre took part in the 3rd EDO International Conference on “Organisations that learn and generate knowledge” that was held in Barcelona and organised by the Organisational Development Team (EDO), the Centre for Legal Studies and Specialised Training and the School of Public Administration of Catalonia.

The Conference, aimed at university lecturers and researchers, training professionals from the Public Administrations and human resources professionals, was attended by national and international speakers and its objectives included analysing perspectives on new learning systems, fostering the exchange of experiences and promoting lines of action and joint work between universities, administrations and the private sector.

Over the course of the three-day conference, 190 papers were presented on different lines of action, including professional communities of practice, learning organisations, the management of knowledge in organisations, the promotion of informal learning and learning in the workplace.

Sinnergiak Social Innovation (UPV/EHU) was represented by its Director, Alfonso Unceta, and Javier Castro, the coordinator of the Research Centre, presenting the paper: “Communities of practice and informal learning in the creative industries: The Transcreativa model”. Notably, the paper received the award for the best presentation on the subject of business development. The award was presented by the President of the Conference’s Science Committee.

Congreso Internacional sobre Organizaciones