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SOCIA PROJECT a new edition of the Social Innovation Academy to start soon

Social Innovation Academy is based on the success of E+ SOCIA project that developed and tested a concept of the first European, a fully online programme focusing exclusively on social innovation. Social Innovation Academy aims to take the developed concept to a wholly new level of content, delivery and reach, and make the Academy 2.0 the reference in social innovation training in Europe.

The proposed strategic partnership led by Limitless brings together partners of the highest calibre: Impact Hub, representing the largest network of impact changemakers in the world, Sinnergiak Social Innovation (UPV/EHU), one of the top social innovation academic and VET organisations in Europe and the co-founder of SIC (Social Innovation Community), and We4You with who we have successfully collaborated in SOCIA.



Project objectives and related activities:

  • Bring in expert co-creators through developing a methodology for a true learning content co-creation, launching an international call for experts and selecting the co-creators based on quality.
  • Co-create compelling social innovation learning materials with onboard experts, engaging in a quality publication pipeline.
  • Extend the training channels and accessibility by short inspiring ‘teaser’ videos on social innovation, also adapted to hearing or visually impaired.
  • Develop and test the methodology, tools and train-the-trainer package for a complementary, introductory offline training in social innovation, open to interested VET organisations, designed as an optional intro to more extensive online training.
  • Improve training reach and learning experience, working closely with experts in web development, graphic design, SEO editing, to increase the content reach and user experience (IO5).
  • Grow, diversify, analyse the needs of and actively engage an international online community (IO6).
  • Bring in more people to the Academy 2.0 through local activities, multiplier events, and ambitious dissemination.

The strategic partnership will foster innovation excellence and internationalisation, realise synergies in complementary expertise (online vs offline, content co-creation vs. dissemination, community-based approaches vs. global network, teaching vs. research vs. technological learning solutions etc.), co-organising activities (open calls, co-creation process, curriculum testing etc.), increasing access to target audience (from single country to global network, from business to public to third sector audiences), increasing European reach of communication and dissemination activities, sharing resources, acting as mentors for each other.

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