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University-Industry Collaboration: New Evidence and Policy Options

Source: OECD, 2019

The OECD has published a report on “University-Industry Collaboration: New Evidence and Policy Options.” This report explores policy tools implemented across OECD countries to support science-industry knowledge transfer.




What are the impacts of science-industry knowledge transfer on innovation?

The report provides new evidence on various formal and informal channels of knowledge exchange, including jointly filed patents of higher education institutions (HEIs) and public research institutes (PRIs) with industry; the impact on local innovation of proximity to HEIs and PRIs; student and researcher start-ups; and graduate mobility in social sciences. The evidence presented shows that HEIs and PRIs increasingly engage in “knowledge cocreation” with industry, as reflected by the growth in jointly filed patent applications. Academic spin-off activities are another way for research to contribute in important ways to innovation, as shown by data for student and researcher start-ups.

 What policy instruments are implemented to support knowledge transfer?

 OECD countries have implemented a variety of financial, regulatory, and soft instruments to boost knowledge exchange between science and industry. A taxonomy presented in this report offers a comprehensive overview of 21 policy instruments, characterised by their targets, the channels they address, and whether their orientation is supply or demand side.

What is the impact of the policy mix and governance mechanisms?

 When governments add new policy instruments for knowledge co-creation, digital innovation, and academic spin-offs, the impacts of these instruments depend not only on their own features but also on the other policies in place. The effectiveness of combining instruments depends on the governance of public research, which is to say the institutional arrangements that govern policy action regarding publicly funded research in universities and public research institutes.

Fuente: OECD, 2019

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 OECD Database on Governance of Public Research Policy (RESGOV)

 The new OECD Database on Governance of Public Research Policy provides evidence of key governance practices that shape science- industry knowledge transfer. Access to the full database: https://stip.oecd.org/resgov/