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 SPECIAL ISSUE: Methodological challenges in Social Innovation research

The European Public & Social Innovation Review (EPSIR) is a double blind peer reviewed open access and interdisciplinary journal. The journal’s mission is to explore public and social innovation in social economy, business, non-profit organizations, university and the public sector, through a serious theoretical and methodological inquiry, attending the implications for public policies, SI research and methodology.

This month, EPSIR launches a new special issue calledMethodological challenges in Social Innovation research” coordinated by Julia M. Wittmayer, Bonno Pel, Tom Bauler and Flor Avelino.

This special issue features eight contributions from the main methodological orientations in SI research, namely systematic knowledge development and action-oriented research that discuss particular methodological challenges and advances.

The special issue is counting with contributions from specialized researchers based in universities and research centres.

Overview of contributions











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