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Educational Workshops

SINNERGIAK Social Innovation seeks to increase people’s skills and learning in organisations and the wider community through internships, training and project management in innovative social innovation learning centres.


The culture of innovation requires places where human and social capital are developed through the promotion of knowledge. This enables the culture of learning and innovation to be embedded using strategies, processes and mechanisms that allow it to take root.

In turn, innovation requires people to have new skills. These skills are learnt and tested by working in multidisciplinary teams, adapting to new scenarios, analysing and summarising new information and, above all, by putting the knowledge into practice.

With over 2,500 hours of training and knowledge transfer provided in 2013, SINNERGIAK Social Innovation is responsible for setting up, coordinating and evaluating workshops and sessions where different methods are used to ensure that the participants improve skills such as information management, effective communication, creativity, negotiation, analytical skills, motivation, proactivity, resilience etc.



The workshops are organised according to the requirements, motivations and results desired by the organisations that propose them, seeking a balance between:
– The Participants: The participants who are selected are required to have had different types of training, gender and age experiences.
– The structure of the sessions: The workshops are held by forming teams of 4 people who work to resolve the problem posed by the organisation that requests these services. To achieve the best possible solution to the problem we work with our own development tool, which we have called the “Innovations Design Cycle” and use a “Learning by doing – Solving problems” method.
– The Role of the Mentor/Facilitator: Accompanying people and facilitating the processes of finding a solution and improving the skills of people.

The workshops achieve two objectives:
– To solve the organisation’s problem by involving different people.
– To improve the skills of the people taking part and their impact on the organisation.


All workshops organised by SINNERGIAK Social Innovation undergo assessment processes that follow an experimental model (ex-ante and ex-post assessment) where four key dimensions are considered:
– The level of Social Capital
– The level of skill development (entrepreneurial and basic techniques)
– Personal experience and background
– Future prospects

It also includes a third criterion, relational quality, which takes the form of an evaluation by the organisation that has set the challenge, which assesses the quality of the solutions proposed by the participating teams


For more information about the Competency-Based Training Programmes:
contact@sinnergiak.org or telephone 943 018 896.

Link: www.transcreativa.eu