The Transcreativa project announces a competition to design its logo

Transcreativa, headed by Sinnergiak Social Innovation and funded by the European Union’s Interreg IV B SUDOE Programme, brings together 9 partners from the Basque Country, Aquitaine and Coimbra who are working together closely to meet the three main objectives set and agreed by them for the cultural and creative industries.

1) Research: Development of a three-dimensional map
2) Action: Creation of creative clusters and a virtual hub
3) Technology transfers

The competition is open to anyone who wants to contribute their creation to the project.

Submissions can be made from the 15th of January 2013 until the 12th of February 2013. The winner will be informed of the final decision within 10 days of the closing date for submission.

The proposed LOGO must be submitted in digital format, to one of the following email addresses:
– Basque Country: Euskampus Fundazioa – Sinnergiak- Social Innovation Centre
– Coimbra: Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN)
– Aquitaine: ANTIC

Put LOGO TRANSCREATIVA in the subject line of the email.

Sending infected files will result in the automatic disqualification of the person who sent them.

There will be a €500 prize for the best LOCAL LOGO and another for €1500 for the best CROSS-REGIONAL LOGO. The prize will be paid by bank transfer.

The aim of the competition is to obtain a single logo to represent the project as a whole and the principles that inspire it. The Transcreativa project is a European initiative, so regions from different countries in the European Union are participating, in this case France, Portugal and Spain. The aim of the competition is to obtain a single logo to represent the project as a whole and the principles that inspire it.

So each participating country will select the best logo from its region, which will win the stipulated prize. Then, the evaluating body will decide which of the three finalists’ logos is most representative, for which they will receive the additional prize stated above.

When designing the logos you must take into account the Interreg IV B Sudoe programme and the Transcreativa project, as well as the European perspective.

If your logo is finally chosen, this means that it will be used in all project dissemination activities, both nationally and internationally, so all intellectual property rights will belong to the entities participating in that project.

The organising entity may declare the contest void if it decides that none of the entries meet the requirements of this competition or are of the desired quality.

You may not appeal against the final decision under any circumstances.