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Spreading the benefits of artificial intelligence for the common good

“The Windfall Clause: Distributing the Benefits of AI for the Common Good” (2020) is a publication of the Center for AI Governance (GovAI).

This organization is part of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford and its mission is to help humanity grasp the benefits and manage the risks of artificial intelligence.

Although technology has improved the human condition in the long term, the economic progress brought by technological innovation has not reached everyone equally. While innovation often produces great wealth, it has also been detrimental to work, society, and the world order.

We live in a time when we must prepare for the possibility of extreme disruption and act to mitigate its negative impacts. As such, and in light of ongoing advances in artificial intelligence, this report from the Center for AI Governance introduces a new policy proposal called “The Windfall Clause.”

The publication can be consulted at this link.