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The European Commission presents its first strategic foresight report

The European Commission has presented its first Strategic Foresight Report, which will support the design of policies that meet both the current needs and the long-term aspirations of European citizens.

This report analyzes the resilience of the EU in four interrelated dimensions: social and economic, geopolitical, ecological and digital.

  • Social and economic resilience refers to the ability to cope with economic shocks and achieve long-term structural change in a fair and inclusive way. Desirable economic growth will be based on what really matters for human well-being in a world of finite resources that also includes new metrics to measure progress beyond GDP growth.
  • Geopolitical resilience relates to Europe’s strengthening of its “open strategic autonomy” and its global leadership role. As COVID-19 has impacted geopolitical trends and power balances, Europe is mobilizing strategic resources for humanitarian aid and striving for a vaccine that is available to everyone.
  • Green resilience is about achieving climate neutrality by 2050, while mitigating and adapting to climate change, reducing pollution, and restoring the ability of ecological systems to maintain our ability to live well within planetary boundaries.
  • Digital resilience is about ensuring that the way we live, work, learn and interact in this digital age preserves and enhances human dignity, freedom, equality, security, democracy and other fundamental European rights and values.

The report is available in english from this link.