Researchers Igone Guerra and Gorka Orueta present us with 8 tendencies to take into account with respect to Social Innovation in 2020.

  1. Sustainable Development Goals and Social Innovation: To achieve the 17 goals set by 2030 it will require new forms of innovation in development but also for development.
  2. Urbanization and social innovation: The role of cities is reinforced as spaces for experimentation and laboratories of opportunities to build Smart, Green, Sustainable, Equitable, Inclusive and Resilient societies.
  3. Migration and Social Innovation: Migration is becoming an urgent and challenging issue for Europe which hosts regionally the largest number of international migrants (82 million).
  4. Social system and social innovation: In a decade with more people aged over 30 than under, the decade of the “yold” as named by the John Parker, it is imperative to rethink how to improve our social system and make them more inclusive and equalitarian, in terms of education, healthcare or cultural services.
  5. Climate change and Social Innovation: Social innovation actions related to climate change mitigation can be divided into several missions such as moving away from fossil fuels, seeking alternatives to the use of plastic or promoting reforestation, among others.
  6. Technological development and social innovationDigital Social Innovation (DSI) has a huge potential to strengthen collaborative and open technologies  to tackle some of the most prominent challenges in Europe.  
  7. Circular economy and social innovation: In 2020, the EU will continue to make a strong commitment to the circular economy, and thus, social innovation finds fertile ground for its development
  8. The future of work and social innovation: In a world of constant change, societies will need to be more intuitive, to sense and respond to new technological opportunities, social challenges, and citizen’s needs and it is here where social innovation can find its role to make societies more inclusive, resilient and equal.

You can read the full text in english here.