EUWIN is the European learning network for workplace innovation for organisations, social partners, policymakers and researchers.


In its first five years, EUWIN has curated a vast body of evidence to show that workplace innovation transforms the fortunes of companies and employees alike.



Last October, EUWIN organised a workshop to discuss its own future. The workshop was held in the presence of TNO, Workplace Innovation Europe CLG, HIVA-KUL (Belgium), Vinnova, University of Agder (Norway), TEKES (Finland) and Sinnergiak (Basque Country), all of whom are working together to stimulate and inform workplace innovation across Europe, and to support regional, national and EU policymakers.

As a result of this session, EUWIN has produced a document in order to define the future of the network. This document outlines a new network proposal for EUWIN together with a framework for future policy dialogue with the European Commission and EU member States.

In this sense, Sinnergiak has been involved in the preparation of the document and contributed to all EUWIN working group.

Click here to see the full document


Which new actions are needed to support workplace innovation?

During the workshop, EUWIN has identified five top-priority challenges:

  1. Wider dissemination of the WPI concept is needed
  2. “Public institutions as lead buyer of the idea of WPI” – Role Modelling
  3. Capacity building
  4. Policy context: soft regulation needed
  5. More knowledge needed

During the early part of 2018, the network will relaunch the EUWIN Knowledge Bank with fresh ideas and material, and welcome contributions of case studies, articles, blogs or anything that contributes insights, knowledge or experience.

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