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SIMPACT Project Final Conference on November 22nd and 23rd in Brussels

The financial and esimpact-final-conferenceconomic crisis has clearly left its marks in Europe. Not at least it has exacerbated the many complex and interrelated socio-economic challenges Europe is facing. Long-term and youth unemployment, migration, ageing population, poverty, and gender inequalities to name but a few. Welfare services struggle to cope and growing segments of the population experience increasing difficulty in accessing support.

Social innovation will only realise its potential contribution to inclusive growth to the extent it can maximise its social and economic impact for society. Yet several key issues need to be addressed before SI can be fully mainstreamed into the European economic sphere and its policy environment. Gaining a better understanding of the components, objectives and principles of social innovation, as well as its underlying processes and contexts at each level of governance, lies at the core of SIMPACT.


Building on three years of research, stakeholder engagement and innovative thinking, the SIMPACT team invites you to share its insights as well as the practical tools developed for policymakers, social innovators and other stakeholders. This highly interactive event will also enable you to share your views and experiences, and to discuss future actions and recommendations for boosting the social and economic impact of social innovation.

SIMPACT Conference