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Transparency in the day to day of Public Administration

Sinnergiak has attended today , on November 11th, the event named “Transparency in the day to day of Public Administration”, organised by the Department of Public  Adminsitration and Justice of hte Basque Government. transparencia

During the event, the Director of Citizen Services and Innovation and Improvement of Administration for the Basque Government, Javier Bikandi, has exposed the transparency values in public administration. From his opinion, “transparency is an indispensable mean for the new gobernance model”.

This model implies a different kind of relationship with citizenship which means that “What happens inside it is being seen from outside”, and colaboration and co-creation is fundamental to generate public value.

The model is based on diferent tools such as:

Zuzenean. System to formally answer to all requests comming from the citizenship.

Gardena. Transparency portal of the Basque Government.

Irekia. Portal to boost participation

Opendata Euskadi. Portal web

This event is part of the European Week on Advanced Management in the Basque Country” organised by Euskalit.