During the last month Sinnergiak carried out the second, third and fourth session of the project Gipuzkoa Workplace Innovation. A number of companies from different sectors of the territory met together in a reflexive and sharing space of knowledge about new forms of relations in the companies.

Some topics such as trust, participation, decision-making process or continuos improvement in the companies were debated by the participants.

This Project represents an opportunity for the companies in order to identify first hand strategies and experiencies to improve relationships of the workers in the organization. And all this with the final aim of boosting innovation and productivity in the companies.

“The need to generate a Culture” was an opinión mainly expressed by the attendees as a weakness of the companies. The lack of culture is an obstacle to apply workplace innovation practices in the organizations. Another problem in the companies is the undercapacity of people to delegate task and responsibilities. As one of the participant noted: “ there are some people in the companies that insist on turning off the stars instead of making them shining even more”.

Trusted teams building, active listening or the delegation of some proceses were identified as possible solutions to combat that weakness.

Finally, most of the participants agreed that the creation of self managed teams is one of the challenges to carry out during the next years. However, regarding this issue, there are some large doubts that have to be taken into consideration. On the one hand, it is believed that the fully self-management is really complicated to develop into the organizations and on the other hand, there is little trust on what they call “horizontal organizations”. As one of the attendees added: “this is a kind of  fashion that could have the problem of Totus revolotus”.

Next session of the project will be held during the 30th of May and 3rd of June.

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