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2019-2023 Citizen Participation Program in Gipuzkoa

The General Directorate for Citizen Participation of the Governance Department has begun the processing of the 2019-2023 Citizen Participation Program, for approval by the General Boards of Gipuzkoa through a statutory law.

The 2019-2023 Citizen Participation Program will set the strategic objectives for managing participation in public policies within the scope of the Provincial Council, promoting in Gipuzkoa the participation of all organized and non-organized civil society, as well as collaborating with local entities in promoting citizen participation.

In accordance with the provisions of the Regional Law, the program has been submitted to an open consultation aimed at the citizens of Gipuzkoa, offering the possibility of making contributions and proposals in order to enrich the document with their contributions and thus increase transparency in the action of government.

The link to access the program (in spanish) is: