2nd Volume: A World of New Practices


The new Atlas of Social Innovation provides exciting insights in an emerging world of new practices. The second volume of the Atlas of Social Innovation – 2nd Volume: A World of New Practices gathers leading experts to provide a comprehensive overview of the dynamic field of social innovation research and practice.

Since the release of the first volume in early 2018, a lot has happened in the diverse world of social innovation. In this sense, the Atlas of Social Innovation series provides a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted manifestations and practices of social innovation from a global perspective.


The Atlas of Social Innovation’s second volume is a pivotal building block among ESSI’s (European School of Social Innovation) many activities.

In 43 articles, the atlas gives new insights into current trends of social innovation research and its connection to other schools of thought and research traditions.






THE SOCIAL INNOVATION LANDSCAPE – GLOBAL TRENDS: The first chapter provides insights into current research streams focusing on social innovation and contributing to its conceptual underpinnings.

SOCIAL INNOVATION AROUNDTHE WORLD: In the second chapter, the Atlas follows the tracks of social innovation around the world and present insights into its variety in several countries including Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Switzerland.

ECOSYSTEM AND INFRASTRUCTURES FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION: The third chapter provides an overview of the conceptual development and practical examples of social innovation labs, discusses the role of higher education institutes and presents the process of creating a European social innovation declaration.


The Atlas of Social Innovation is a unique knowledge repository for the global community of practitioners, policy makers and researchers. This edition features the participation of experts in the area, such as Jo Barraket, Taco Brandsen, Tim Draimin, Benoît Godin, Carlos Guaipatin, Lars Hulgård, Johanna Mair, Frank Moulaert, Frank Pot, Johan Schot, Klaus Schuch, Judith Sutz.


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