This prize aims to develop solutions to social innovation challenges using distribute ledger technology


3 September 2019 – deadline to submit applications


The internet has enabled the creation of highly centralised platforms, such as those used for social networks, search engines or clouds. However this centralisation exposes people’s personal data to potential commercial or political misuse by the owners of these platforms.

Blockchain technologies support decentralized methods for sharing, storing and securing transactions and other data securely without intermediaries across a distributed network such as the internet. Secure decentralisation mechanisms based on blockchains may enable citizens to retain full control over their own personal data.



EIC Horizon Prizes have the ambitious goal to solve major societal challenges. In this case, the European Commission will award 5 prizes of EUR 1 million each to innovators that use Blockchain technology to develop decentralized, scalable, efficient and high-impact solutions to bring positive social change.




Eligibility and award criteria

The Prize is open to anyone willing to think outside the box across sectors and disciplines, and will be awarded to whoever best meets the challenges at hand. This includes a wide range of actors: individuals, social entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, research centres from technological and social disciplines, creative industries, students, hackers, start-ups and SMEs.

The contest is open to all legal entities (i.e. natural or legal persons, including international organisations) or groups of legal entities.

The prize will be awarded, after closure of the contest, to the contestant(s) who, in the opinion of the jury, demonstrates a solution that best meets the following cumulative criteria.

  • Social impact: both potential and already achieved by the implementation of the solution (e.g. size of the community of users engaged by the actual implementation)
  • Decentralisation and governance: improvements in transparency and accountability (while respecting privacy and/or anonymity)
  • Usability and inclusiveness
  • Viability at large scale: cost-efficiency (including energy consumption), scalability, security, and sustainability
  • Clear added value of the demonstrated implementation for European citizens, in societal, economic or environmental terms

These criteria, scoring and the weighting methodology, as well as the detailed timetable and conditions for participation, are further defined in the Rules of Contest.


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