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Atlas of Social Innovation

The new Atlas of Social Innovation provides insights into the current trends of Social Innovation across the globe.

The “Atlas of Social Innovation” offers a comprehensive overview of the world of Social Innovation in a lucid way. It is featuring the manifold results of SI-DRIVE project as well as the perspectives of leading experts. It gives insights into the various types of social innovations in different world regions and policy areas, delivering new intelligence on the diversity of approaches used by different actors involved.

In 62 short articles, the Atlas of Social Innovation explores the colourful world of this emerging phenomenon. It presents various types of Social like education, employment, environment and climate change, energy supply, transport and mobility, health and social care, as well as poverty reduction and sustainable development.


All contributions are available online at www.socialinnovationatlas.net.

The website invites its users to download the whole book or selected articles.






Bibliographical Information:
Title: Atlas of Social Innovation. New Practices for a Better Future.
Editors: Howaldt, Jürgen / Kaletka, Christoph / Schröder, Antonius / Zirngiebl, Marthe
Published: 2018
Publisher: Technische Universität Dortmund, ZWE Sozialforschungsstelle; Dortmund, Germany
ISBN: 978-3-921823-96-5

For more informationvisit: https://www.socialinnovationatlas.net/articles/