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Latin American and European universities together with International NGO meet in Mexico City on April 28th and 29th with the aim of starting Students4Change project, in which for 36 month, they will be working on.

Students4Change, funded by the European Commission under Erasmus Plus program, has as main objective to develop a pedagogical method on social innovation and entrepreneurship for universities and Higher Education Institutions feasible for the Latino-american context. This method aims to boost Higher Education Institutions as active actors in the regional development.

Stidents4Change along project life will display its activities mainly within three moments:

  1. a) Design of materials and guides
  2. b) Training sessions for latinoamerican teachers
  3. c) Test of 5 pilot-projects

Sinnergiak Social Innovation (UPV-EHU) and TU Dortmund University (TUDO) will actively participate in the development of pedagogic contents on social innovation and entrepreneurship. Sinnergiak will be also responsible for creating a set of tools, addressed to students, specifically addressed to engage stakeholders.

The Technological University of Monterrey, leader of the project, hosts the meeting in which, through debate and a collaborative reflection, participants will share insights and knowledge about possible strategies to be taken in the development of the activities within each axes.