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Sinnergiak presents “Social Innovation and Open Innovation ” In Projectics2016

Projectics 2016Researchers at Sinnergial Social Innovation Centre present their reflexions and contributions on new ways to develop collective projects transfomation through Social Innovation and Open Innovation, within the framework of Projectis,  organized by ESTIA.

For 20 years, the ‘Projectique’ has been bringing together professions of theoreticians, researchers, as well as management practitioners in order to debate on new issues of interest as innovation, learning, organizational change, entrepreneurship, skills, sustainable development, territory, just to name but a few.

In this edition, discussions to three fields wil be focused on:

  1. New organizational forms and the associated management types. These new organization forms require new governance and new management methods. More broadly, they question the relevant place attributed to the role of the Human Being in companies and organizations.
  2. Entrepreneurship. The links between entrepreneurship (including intrapreneurship and extrapreneurship) and responsible innovation will be examined.
  3. The notion of local value. It is about challenging all the “good” things that entrepreneurial initiatives (in the broad sense) can bring to a territory (creation of value).