Logo GWPIOn the 13th and 14th of June, took part the sixth session of the Project Gipuzkoa Workplace Innovation (GWPI)  in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, and financed by the Department for Economic Promotion, Rural Development and Regional Balance, in Sinnergiak Social Innovation.

In this occasion and at the hands of international experts, Steven Dhondt (TNO) and Peter Tortterdil (UKWON), two contrast meetings were conducted to identify some shared learnings developed by the companies participating in the project.

Also, at the same time it took place the last session of the A groups, with the company Datik. Datik is part of the Irizar’s group dedicated to information systems in the transport sector.

The project has represented a great opportunity to get to know first-hand experiences and good practices carried out successfully to drive innovation and participation within the companies of Gipuzkoa. All these initiatives may result in specific actions to promote a participatory and collaboration culture in the decision making process.

Most of the companies and organizations of the project think that “the challenge now is how to give continuity to this learning and knowledge network” that has been recognized as a valuable infrastructure to push innovation and a new model of relationship within the companies.  At the same, the networks created will allow positioning Gipuzkoa as an international leading territory in sustainability, innovation and knowledge.