On February 23rd and 24th, the Kick-Off Meeting of the European Project Social Innovation Community (SIC) was held in Brussels. The University of the Basque Country, through Sinnergiak Social Innovation, took part in it. The aim of this first meeting was to officially start the project with all the partners involved in it as well as jointly define all the activities identified int he WorkPackages. These activities will be carried out during the 36 months of the project’s duration.

Social Innovation Community (SIC)

The Social Innovation Community project, under the European Program Horizon 2020,  is an ambitious initiative to create the Net of Networks on Social Innovation in Europe. In this project, Sinnergiak Social Innovation has a relevant role as leader of the coordination of the Public Sector social Innovation Network and of the design and application of indicators so as to measure the impact of the project.

Over three years, the project will implement activities in two strategic lines. On the one hand, the management of 9 networks will work on issues related to social innovation and will develop coordination and support activities. On the other hand, a range of activities will be undertaken in the following fields: research, experimentation, design of policies, dissemination and learning. All these activities will articulate and create links with each of the nine networks, mentioned above. The following figure shows the interlinks between networks and WorkPackages.

Link SIC networks

The partners in this project are:

  • The European Association for Information on Local Development (AEIDL)
  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Drift
  • Nesta
  • Reves AISBL Network
  • Technische Universität Dortmund
  • SIL
  • SIX
  • UPV/ EHU- Sinnergiak Social Innovation
  • Young Foundation