Hedabide is a project that is promoted and funded by the Department of Innovation, Rural Development and Tourism of the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa as part of the programme to promote Gipuzkoa as a learning region. The aim of the project is to identify proposals that could help make it possible to overcome certain challenges that are considered essential for the development of the region.


Hedabide intends to create Interactive Spaces (Communities of Learning and Practice) where there is interaction between people from different generations, different sexes and different types of organisation, with the aim of promoting the development and transfer of intangible capital by improving functional, technical and strategic skills and gearing them towards social innovation processes and collectively overcoming challenges.

Hedabide has the following specific goals:
• To develop and validate methods based on the interaction of people who are capable of improving and increasing skills associated with the development of intangible capital and geared to social innovation processes.
• To try a pluralist model in which the participants produce, request, distribute and transmit knowledge.
• To address the orientation and/or solution for a shared challenge or objective that has previously been set and of which the participants are aware.
• To identify and deploy skills associated with human capital, social capital and the development of projects associated with social innovation.
• To approve an impact evaluation model based on the measurement of learning outcomes associated with intangible capital and social innovation orientation.


The project is based in the region of Gipuzkoa and focuses on people with different life experiences (learning, knowledge, practice) who come together, participate and cooperate, people in a variety of life situations (age, gender, professional performance and background), with heterogeneous cognitive and relational skills (human capital, social capital), who cooperate and exchange in order to acquire, improve and transfer social innovation-oriented skills in an expansive learning environment.

It is precisely this expansive learning that has to have a direct impact on organisations in the region, in particular the four types that have been asked to participate in this project: Public Administrations, SME’s, Social Organisations and Universities.

Therefore, the aim is to create environments in which the people increase their skills during expansive learning and produce, distribute and transfer knowledge to different organisations in the region.


Hedabide (Hybrid Environments for Learning and Practice with a Focus on Social Innovation) is proposing the creation of innovative learning environments in the Gipuzkoa region. The culture of innovation requires a social structure that develops human and social capital and promotes knowledge. The culture of learning and innovation does not happen on its own, it is created. So it depends on strategies, processes and mechanisms that allow it to take root. This project promotes the paths towards social innovation; from where, how, in what way, how it takes root and how it becomes social evidence.


• Designing an Expansive Learning Environment promotes learning, the development of skills, the transmission and distribution of knowledge, resulting in the value of the people, organisations and the region as a whole increasing.
• Validated methods for the development of intangible capital and geared to social innovation processes.
• An assessment system and impact indicators to monitor the hybrid schemes based on people but also aimed at organisations and the region as a whole.
• Modelling the scheme as a good practice for the promotion of learning, the generation and distribution of knowledge and the promotion of social innovation.
• A results dissemination plan (website, prototypes, academic papers and articles).