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Mentoring Sessions completed for the Master’s Degree in Social Innovation and the Cultural and Creative Industries

On the 10th of February...

On the 10th of February we completed the section of the training on efficient, innovative and ethical mentoring for the Master’s Degree in Social Innovation and the Cultural and Creative Industries. The mentoring training process is divided into two main sections:

Section 1: theoretical and practical training, with brainstorming, discussion and practice sessions on concepts associated with mentoring, the roles of the mentor and mentoring tools and strategies.
Section 2: practical training, where students underwent the process of solving a real problem presented by a real company using the Solving Problems methodology which is based on designing innovations to meet challenges. This section was essential to understanding what it means to participate in a process of this kind and identifying and understanding the stages that the teams go through when working to resolve problems.

The final session, the stage at which the solution was presented to the agent (6th stage of the innovation design cycle), was held at the Getxolan facility in Las Arenas. There, we saw the three participating teams present creative proposals for overcoming the challenges set. There was also a question and answer session which was particularly interesting for the company that had set the challenge, for the teams and for the people who attended the event.

We would like to thank Getxolan and everyone who came to this session for the interest shown and for taking part.

Finally, note that from May to June we will be starting up one of the groups in Getxo, where they will take part in competency-based training through the resolution of problems presented by the Creative Cluster of the Transcreativa European Project.