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“Creating creative futures” with agents from the creative and cultural industries


On Thursday we made further progress with the Creative Gipuzkoa project. Having completed the fieldwork and the mapping of the Cultural and Creative Industries, we met with the stakeholders who had been surveyed in the Carlos Santamaría Centre of the UPV/EHU campus in Donostia-San Sebastian. Based on the information gathered from the interviews, we proposed and established several future activities, with the help of the stakeholders who were present. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa, the project’s financial backer, to learn about the projects we may be working on in the future.

The aim of the Creative Gipuzkoa project is to create a map of the cultural and creative industries in Gipuzkoa. To do this, we interviewed more than 100 organisations from the music, museums, fashion design, cultural services and videogame subsectors to find out about their organisational capacities, technological skills, state of innovation and strategies for developing the sector.