Social Innovation Academy, funded by the Erasmus Plus Program, invites you join us and to co-create together the on-line training program of the Academy on social innovation in VET. 

In the following years there will be a greater need to foster developing competences and skills regarding social innovation at all levels of the Education System. Social Innovation learning should be promoted among practitioners, policy-makers and researchers by using participatory learning processes, enabling reflection on practice and developing and sharing models, tools and other resources and best practices.

Research conducted recently by SOCIA has shown that Social Innovation in VET is still underrepresented on the European scale. Fostering innovation requires:

    • A shared vision and common goals.
    • A culture of collaboration and team-working.
    • A culture of questioning.
    • Co-creation, co-evaluation and co-responsibility.

In order to identify learning needs in social innovation for the vocational education and training system, every Tuesday from October to December, over 5 weeks, we will post weekly a direct question related social innovation learning needs through our Linekdin Group. You can help us by participating in our survey. Thank you for your support.