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The Charter of Malaga New Economy and Social Innovation

“The goal of economics is to serve people and the planet. To achieve this we have to create a system of rights and values ​​where justice, solidarity, sustainability, equality, autonomy and collaboration are the pillars. ”

This is the key message of the Charter of New Economy and Social Innovation presented at the first World Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI), which took place in Malaga from 19 to 22 April. The participation of more than 600 people from 60 countries.

The NESI charter, which places Malaga as a reference in economic, environmental and social change, represents a new paradigm of an economy based on shared capacities, social and economic justice, as well as human rights.

This statement, written jointly and signed by representatives of new economy movements worldwide, is based on an international research carried out by D-Lab, University of Barcelona and the NESI Forum, which was developed during the second half of 2016 and until February 2017. The data on the objectives and values ​​that should govern a new economy were collected through an online survey and several workshops involving more than 600 people from 35 countries.


New Economy and Social Innovation Forum

More than 600 people from 60 countries gathered in Malaga to think, dialogue and lay the foundations of a New Economy based on values ​​and the common good.

The new economy is one that provides access to education, provides significant and valuable work for all, promotes resilience and ensures sovereignty (access) to food.

During three busy days, actors for change and opinion leaders debated on issues such as:

  • The future of banking
  • The role and purpose of money
  • Learning and training for the new economy
  • Reformulation of organizations for the Common Good
  • Globalisation & Localization: Food, energy, trade and resilient communities.

The preliminary results of the forum can be highlighted as follow:·

  • The creation of roadmaps on the topics discussed in the forum that will guide governments towards a new paradigm based on values ​​and that guarantees the well-being of all people
  • Strong cooperation links were established between organizations around the world·
  • Bottom-up proposals were identified for enrichment aimed at achieving the objectives of the Sustainable Development and the Objectives of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change