Social Innovation Community is a challenging European project which main objective is to develop an enabling environment for social innovation.

Thought cross-cutting activities such as research, experimentation, learning and policy design the SIC project will strengthen communities by ensuring connections between networks and users.

Join the Network and Enhance your knowledge, exhange know-how and cooperate on at international level!!!!

The network has born with the aim of connecting civil servants at regional and European level to promote learning across different policy areas to boost social innovation policies.

The Public Sector Social Innovation Network is made up of institutional entrepreneurs with intermediate policy decision-making power.

Joining the network is a long-standing commitment; It must involve a participatory process and a prospective approach to share knowledge and learn from experiences.


Learlearning-policiesning from experience: It is by case studies on public policies related to social innovation that we learn from experience

Learning from reports and tools: It is by the dissemination of documents and tools to design implement and evaluate public policies on social innovation that we learn from the repository

Learning from exchange: It is by the interactions in webinars, workshops and similar events as well that we learn from exchange







Twitter: @SICommunity_EU